Bloody Mary Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time and more

Release Date Of Bloody Mary OTT

Bloody Mary is one of the famous Telugu thriller movies in which Nivetha Pethuraj is seen performing in the leading role. Moreover, the movie is also bankrolled by People Media Factory. It is for sure that Nivetha Pethuraj will launch the movie on the OTT platform soon. The movie Bloody Mary directed by one of the famous directors Chandoo Mondeti who became widely popular during his past directed films like Karthikeya. Currently, he working in directing a sequel of Karthikeya. Most probably, the movie would get a release on February 18th on the platform of Aha OTT.

Story Of Bloody Mary

According to sources, the movie Bloody Mary is a combination of suspense and thriller. In which Nivetha Pethuraj plays the role of a visually disabled woman. In the movie, she appears highly confident and can fight with the world easily. Now, the Bloody Mary movie will finally release on the OTT platform.

Cast and Crew Of Bloody Mary

The task of digital release under the Aha OTT platform. In the movie Bloody Mary, Nivetha Pethuraj plays a vital role the whole part of the film. People Media Factory bankrolls the movie. Karthik Gattamaneni does cinematography work. Most importantly, the movie  directed by Chandoo Mondeti.

Movie Bloody Mary
OTT Platform for Release Aha Video
OTT Release Date 15th
April 2022
Release Dates On
Direct OTT
Director Chandoo Mondeti
Peers Brahmaji, Ajay, Keeriti,
Nivetha Pethuraj
Movie’s Language Telugu
Film industry Tollywood

 From where to watch the Bloody Mary Movie online?

The Bloody Mary will probably will get release on April 15th 2022. Meanwhile, all the fans and followers of Kireeti are much excited for a considerable time to get it released soon. Today, people prefer to watch movies online rather than any other way to watch movies. Thus, the Bloody Mary movie expected to release on the most popular OTT platforms. The platform is none other than the Aha.

How can we watch the Bloody Mary movie?

In this era where scientific development has advanced to such a great height that people in case of the movie always prefer to watch online rather than going to theatres. You can easily watch the movie online once it updated online without any difficulties that could come. Most people buy a paid subscription to watch the movie without interruptions.

Release Date, Digital rights as well as Satellite rights of Bloody Mary OTT Movie

Bloody Mary is a widely popular movie for its suspense and thriller composition. People Media Factory bankrolls the movie. Similarly, the digital rights of the OTT movie are under the Aha OTT platform. The role of Mary played by Nivetha Pethuraj and will take grant entry on OTT soon. Bloody Mary movie expects to get a release on February 18th.

Bloody Mary Digital Rights of OTT Platform

If we talk about the digital rights of Bloody Mary, we will find that the Aha OTT platform entirely owns it. The movie is going to launch on February 18th. Most importantly, the movie is directed by Chandoo Mondeti.

Bloody Mary Release Date on OTT Platform

Bloody Mary Movie will release on February 18th on the Aha OTT platform. Initially, the movie poster gets releases by the makers of the movie. As soon as the poster circulates, the advertisement reaches its peak. All the makers, actors, and co-workers are highly talented in their fields. The movie of Bloody Mary would prove to be the launching time for Nivetha Pethuraj. The film directed by the great director Chandoo Mondeti.

FAQs of Bloody Mary Movie OTT

  • When do Bloody Mary would Release, Date and Time?

There is no declaration available now because there has been no official announcement till now.

  • How can we watch Bloody Mary?

In OTT, the movie  released on 15h April 2022.

  • Who owns the rights of Bloody Marry?

For rights, there is no exact news available till now.

  • Whether Bloody Mary get hit or flop?

Yes, the movie is getting done day by day. It seems to break the record of many movies in the coming days.

  • Do the movie Bloody Mary available on Netflix?

No, it is not available on Netflix.

  • Do the movie Bloody Mary available on Amazon Prime Video?

No, not at all available on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Do the movie Bloody Mary available on Aha Video?

Yes, it is available on Aha Video.

  • Do the movie Bloody Mary available on Hotstar?

No, the Bloody Mary is not available on Hotstar.


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