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About Gaalivaana OTT Release Date

In this article, we will look all about the Gaalivaana upcoming movie. The Gaalivaana is one of the most exciting movies widely popular among fans and followers of Sai Kumar. All the fans are anxiously waiting for the latest release of the Gaalivaana movie. Are you the same one among the fans who are eagerly waiting to know the release date and time of Gaalivaana? So to know all about these, keep reading the article carefully. It estimates that the Gaalivaana movie will get released in April 2022 on the OTT platform. Sharan Koppiesetty well directs the movie. Below we have provided an overview related to the Gaalivaana release.

Overview of Gaalivana

Movie Name Gaalivaana
Director Sharan Koppisetty
Language Telugu
Peers Sai Kumar and Radikaa Sarathkumar


Casting members

Radikaa Sarathkumar, Sai Kumar, Chandini Chowdhary, Chaitanya Krishna, Ashrita Vemuganti, Thagubothu Ramesh, Nandini Rai
Release date of Gaalivaana on OTT April 2022
Filmy industry Tollywood


Release Date of Gaalivaana OTT in Zee5

Zee5 is one of the best online platforms, making available maximum categories of movies released recently. However, many of the viewers buy its subscription for enjoying uninterrupted services for free online. Thus, Zee5 is an excellent platform on which multiple categories of movies are available to watch online. Now it’s the time for Gaalivana to get a release on Zee5. The predicted date for its release is April 2022. Therefore, it is better to subscribe to Zee5 and enjoy all the popular movies.

Cast Of Gaalivaana Movie

All the relevant information related to the cast of the prominent movie Gaalivaana is listed below. Here you can look at some of the exclusive details about the leading characters of Gaalivaana.

  • Sai Kumar
  • Nandini Rai
  • Chaitanya Krishna
  • Ashrita Vemuganti
  • Radikaa Sarathkumar
  • Thagubothu Ramesh

All of the above characters are the top cast of Gaalivaana. However, for knowing much about the prolific details related to the movie, Gaalivaana, keep reading the article.

When does Gaalivaana outburst on Zee5?

Today’s generation is most excited to watch the upcoming movie Gaalivaana online. Today, people are interested in watching movies with distinctive categories, phenomena, and plot mix-ups. In short, these all sum up seen in the Gaalivaana trailer. All this is a result of the thundering Trailer of the Gaalivaana movie. Therefore, people are much excited to watch the movie Gaalivaana on its first show.

With regards to prediction, since no official verification has come, Gaalivaana is to get released in April 2022. Zee5 is one of the major online platforms widely popular among movies lover. Therefore,every fan and follower is eagerly waiting to watch such a fantastic movie soon it gets out. So, those who constantly search for its release date can watch the movie on Zee5 on the date of April 2022.

From Where To Watch Gaalivaana Movie Online?

According to the circulated news on social media, the Gaalivaana movie expects to get a release in April 2022. Most importantly, the fans and followers are keen to watch it soon and eagerly waiting for its release online. Most movies are getting released online on various OTT platforms available over the internet in today’s entertainment world. The Gaalivaana movie estimates to upload on Zee5 on the date of its release.

How can we watch Gaalivaana Online?

In today’s era of entertainment, people prefer to watch movies and web series online rather than going to theatres for watching. Thus, most producers also started to release their movies and web series online on multiple OTT platforms. Here, people only need to buy a subscription for the platform they need to enjoy watching movies online. If you get a paid subscription to any software, you can easily enjoy all benefits without being interrupted.

As the newly released movie of Gaalivaana would get uploaded on Zee5 for its users, they could able to spend their quality time. Therefore,if you go for watching the movie, it would be pretty effective since the director has put much effort into framing the movie to make it more interesting. Above, we have also provided all the information related to Gaalivaana movies such as its cast, release date, director name etc.


Date of Release-April 2022

From where to watch Gaalivaana online-Zee5

This article is mainly for those eagerly waiting for a long time to get the date for the release of the Gaalivaana movie online. We have updated all the information such as the movie’s cast, where to watch, important playing characters etc. Most importantly, Gaalivaana is one of the most trending series whose episodes get added to the queue. The way the plot gripped viewers’ eyes made it much more popular cause why it gets much importance among its fans and followers.

Highlights of Gaalivaana

The movie Gaalivaana features the important characters Sai Kumar and Radikaa Sarathkumar.However,all the fans can access the movie on the Zee5 platform once it gets a release. There are also various prominent characters which we have provided you, which makes the overall movie interesting. You can easily watch the movie with your family and friends once it releases on Zee5 online.Meanwhile,all the details related to the release date and information associated with Trailer all given above in the article.

Important FAQs Related to Gaalivaana OTT Release Date

  • What is the date of release for Gaalivaana OTT?

The movie of Gaalivaana might get released in April 2022.

  • Where can you watch the Gaalivaana movie?

In short,the movie of Gaalivaana will get a release on Zee5. Thus all you need to do is subscribe to Zee5 to enjoy its services.

  • Provide the list of cast members of the Gaalivaana movie?

Some of the crucial cast members of Gaalivaana movie listed below.For instance,

  1. Sai Kumar
  2. Nandini Rai
  3. Chaitanya Krishna
  4. Ashrita Vemuganti
  5. Radikaa Sarathkumar
  6. Thagubothu Ramesh
  • Who is Hero in the coming movie Gaalivaana?

Sai Kumar seems to Hero of the movie Gaalivaana.

  • Who is Heroine in the upcoming movie Gaalivaana?

Radikaa Sarathkumar.

  • Would Gaalivaala get available on Netflix?

No, the movie Gaalivaala won’t be available for viewers on Netflix.



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